“ Our couples value time, family and quality service. Our team is highly trained and specialized in full service planning, event design and event management. Since we take a limited amount of events each year, we are able to offer the time and attention you deserve! “ - Nena


Nena want’s her couples overall wedding planning experience to be a dream - seriously! She realizes this is one of the most important times in her couples life and believes their day should be nothing less than spectacular. It should bring you joy on that day and a smile across your face when you share those stunning pictures with your own children one day.

Nena firmly believes in the beauty of carefully executed restraint, allowing the natural beauty of the venue, the flowers, the greenery and architecture speak for itself. She loves clean lines, modern touches, in combination of finding ways to blend in vintage inspired pieces. In the end, Nena will help create what she calls a “ modern romantic vibe, a timeless classic look that will never feel out-dated.”

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